Program Commitment

Select Sires Canada Inc. has committed to helping commercial producers have this long-term program so they are able to benefit from the unique combination of superior genetics, genomic science and insight and management simplicity.

The SelectaGEN genetic development has been under construction for several years, with careful mating and sorting of sires specifically designed to fit the needs of the program.

SelectaGEN is a commitment to breeding dairy cattle that meet specific performance and production goals with minimal losses and risks posed by inbreeding.

All sires used in the SelectaGEN program have been, or will be, proven through Select Sires Canada' Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) and Select Sires Canada Canada's Program for Genetic Advancement™, with special emphasis on increased production, moderate body size and the ability to maintain body condition score and fertility. All of the sires in the program will be available to all Select Sires Canada customers.